Provincials & Branches

The Roman Catholic Church around the world is split up into Diocese.  The Dioceses are then further grouped together into Provinces. 

In England & Wales there are twenty-two Diocese and five Provinces:

  • Liverpool
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Westminster
  • Southwark

The role of the CPG Provincial Representative is to:

  • Act as a regional CPG Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for the Catholic Diocese within their Province and the Police Force areas that operate within their Province.
  • Establish & maintain liaison with key Diocesan & Police Service contacts within their Province.
  • Nurture and oversee the growth and development of the CPG within their Province.
  • Develop & expand the network of CPG Force Representatives. and Branches within their Province.
  • Liaise closely with established Force and Branch Representatives within their Province, acting as a point of contact, information, & guidance for them.
  • Plan and organise Provincial CPG events on key dates in the CPG calendar, i.e. Corpus Christi and the Feast of St Michael.
  • Seek and encourage areas where the CPG can become involved & assist the Church within their Province, such as with stewarding, etc.
  • Represent the CPG at relevant religious & public events within their Province or nominate others to do so.
  • Act as a SPOC for the NEC within their Province, and to provide reports and updates to the NEC about CPG activity within their Province.
  • Attend / provide input / updates to NEC meetings re. CPG activities, growth, development, etc. within their Province.

The Catholic Police Guild has established a representative in each of the Catholic Provinces of England & Wales.


The Guild currently has three active branches.  They are an East London Branch, West London Branch, and a North-West of England Branch.

Contact details for each of the branches are as follows: